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Login to Your Banner Season Account:

– Click silhouette icon on upper right
– Select Marketing Dashboard
From the menu select Settings


Account Setting Page:

– Update Your Invitation Code

Personalize with your name or brand (ours is TryToday)
– We recommend you set your online privacy to OFF
– Select an address book for referrals that use your Invite Code


Join the below Facebook Groups – Check Daily


Banner Season Legends
for Independent Referral Partners (IRPs)



Banner Season WOW Makers
for Customers



Import Your Contacts


Use the System

– Send Cards/Gifts
– Send Campaigns
– Check the Design Store


As you add IRPs and Customers to your team:

make sure to add them to the appropriate Facebook Groups and introduce them to the group


Stay Connected!!
Calls and Trainings You DON'T Want to Miss!

Monday – Friday 8:00 am PT

Daily Legends Call 

Monday 5:00 pm PT

Legends Leadership Call



Wednesday 2:00 pm PT

WOW Makers System Training


Friday 2:00 pm PT

CEO Update Facebook Live


Tuesday/Thursday 5:00 pm PT

CEO System Walk Through

Let’s Make Some Money!



– Earn $100 Fast Start Bonus when you sponsor 4 GOLD memberships

(within first 30 days)
– Minimum $100 in WOW Volume = 4 Pool Shares (PS)
– Every additional $25 in WOW Volume = 1 PS
– Earn on matching PS based on volume in each level
– Earn 10% of each membership
– Earn 5% of product sales

Your Gold Membership gives you the absolute lowest prices available:


Standard Greeting Cards: 50¢ ea. (+ postage)
Postcards: Unlimited (just pay postage)
Text2Mailbox: (send cards from your phone)
6 Ready-to-Send Campaigns, Ditch the Basket ($697 Value)
25% Off All Gift Items
30% Off All Design Store

Helpful Videos:

My Contact Information:


Terrie Ferguson

719.930.8901 (Call or Text)



My Invite Code:  TryToday


FB:   https://www.facebook.com/terrie.g.ferguson

IG:    https://www.instagram.com/MaxYourMoney