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Live Your Life Today… Don’t Wait for Someday

Escape the cycle of “just getting by” with a money strategy that elevates every aspect of your life. Our approach is designed to empower you, aligning your financial choices with the vision you have for your life. We believe in moving forward, not just with purpose but with a plan that paves the way for FREEDOM, LIFESTYLE, and OPPORTUNITY.

“I envision a world where financial literacy is not just a privilege, but a right.”

–Terrie Ferguson

Meet your Ally in Financial Freedom

Hello, I’m Terrie Ferguson. My journey into the world of finance began at 11 years old, when I started managing my family’s finances. This early start paved the way to a career at a Big 4 firm and meaningful volunteer work with charities, where I help both the non-profit and their benefactors strengthen their financial strategies. With more than 40 years of experience, my mission is to empower entrepreneurs and professionals like you to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, eliminate bad debt, and build lasting wealth. 

With an empathetic approach and a foundation built on actionable knowledge, I’m more than a Money Strategist. I am your financial confidante – dedicated to helping you unlock a future of wealth and opportunities. 

Introducing the FREEDOM Formula™

Our approach to financial well-being transcends the ordinary with a personalized, step-by-step plan tailored to your unique situation. The FREEDOM Formula™ focuses on wealth creation and creating a spending plan that embraces value and joy, not deprivation. Our philosophy is simple yet profound – budgeting is restrictive, but a strategic spending plan is LIBERATING and SUSTAINABLE. You’ll learn to leverage money wisely, make small changes for big impacts, and embrace personal financial responsibility.

We’ll guide you with patience, compassion, and ZERO judgment – to make MAXIMIZING YOUR MONEY not only achievable but painless – for every entrepreneur and business owner eager to make smarter decisions for both personal and business finances.


The FREEDOM Formula™ isn’t just about stretching your dollar — it’s about expanding your life!

Here’s What Clients Have to Say:

Thank you for your help. I went from having no extra money each month to paying off 2 high-interest credit cards and increasing my money left over by over 30% each month.

Terrie has been a great help to me. She has been incredibly patient with me in setting a game plan to help bring my debt down. She has given me a sense of responsibility with finances that I had been lacking. She is patient, direct, and informative. I love her charts which me give a good sense of where my cash is going. I highly recommend her.

I am starting to become okay with looking at my finances. It’s becoming easier for me to deal with the details and day-to-day stuff and my boyfriend and I can talk about money more frequently without weird energy around it.

Thanks to Terrie, I am well on my way to creating an extremely beneficial relationship with my money, with far less stress and the ability to sleep well at night. Not to mention the ability to organize the different financial relationships I have so that I will be able to delegate (not abdicate) some of the tasks of tracking, managing, and growing my money.

The things I learn from Terrie in our everyday conversations are true gems. She has helped me quit spending money that I don’t have to spend.

I always know I can go to Terrie with any question and she will have the answer or find it for me. Valuable resource. Thanks for having my back.

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Discover Financial Freedom With a Spending Plan That’s Strategic, Not Restrictive.

It’s About Thriving… Not Just Surviving!