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Thank you for your help. From having no extra money each month to paying off 2 high interest credit cards and increasing my money left over
by over 30% each month.
Mike G.

I always know I can go to Terrie with any question and she will have the answer or find it for me. Valuable resource. Thanks for having my back.
Amy D.
Business Owner

The things I learn from Terrie in our everyday conversations are true gems. She has helped me quit spending money I do not have to spend.
Rachel M.
Business/Mindset Coach

I connected with Terrie during a time when I was struggling to keep my finances organized. This was keeping me in a space of constant chaos and discouragement. Financial literacy is not a developed skill, and it was really bringing me down. It was when I decided to develop my skills that Terrie showed up. What I appreciate most about Terrie is her genuine kindness, compassion and willingness to help. She really wants you to succeed. I love her step by step process, and her ability to move me along in gaining financial literacy skills. Her patience and encouragement have been calming in a space that can be easily fraught with triggers and negative feelings. I appreciate Terrie and her work so much. I highly recommend working with her. I actually look forward to working in this newly organized space I am in
Terza E.
Artist/Business Owner

Terrie has been a great help to me. She has been incredibly patient with myself in setting a game plan to help bring my debt down. She has instilled in me more of a sense of responsibility with finances that I have been lacking. She is patient, direct and informative. I love her charts which me give a good sense of where my cash is going. I highly recommend her.
Brian G.

Values Brought: Non-judgment, patience, acceptance, support, clarity, encouragement, honesty, humility

I am starting to become okay with looking at my finances. It's becoming easier for me to deal with the details and day-to-day stuff. My boyfriend and I are able to talk about money more frequently without weird energy around it.

Benefits Received: Financial! I got a huge tax return. Regarding the coaching, I will eventually have a system with which I can continue to monitor my finances and keep track of expenses. I'll be able to maximize my money!
Dawn S.

Terrie possesses a unique combination of these abilities which enable her to serve her clients well. She is not afraid to ask questions that many people are uncomfortable answering, then taking that information, analyzing it from multiple perspectives to craft a solution that educates, informs and sets up her clients for successfully working with their money to get the most out of it. Because her clients tend to be highly successful in other parts of their lives, this can be tricky, and she negotiates these discussions well.

I used to be very negative about and afraid of my relationship with money. This made it difficult to sustainably make any money or grow it. Terrie took me through her comprehensive questionnaire, then patiently talked me the through the tools to stay informed about it. She has given me some excellent solutions already and I expect to learn a few more.

Thanks to Terrie, I am well on my way to creating an extremely beneficial relationship with my money, with far less stress and the ability to sleep well at night. Not to mention the ability to organize the different financial relationships I have so that I will be able to delegate (not abdicate) some of the tasks of tracking, managing and growing my money. Plus, I know that I’ll be able to check in with her occasionally and ask her additional questions as I learn more.
Marelda R.
Grief Massage Therapist